Guadalajara & Puerto Vallarta
October 2004


Typical little shop in
Tonala, Guadalajara

Who is this cute couple?

Awsome hand carved door
(aka Porton)

Barbara & MC

Friends in Tlaquepaque

At the Country Club in Guadalajara

After brunch
just relaxing

On our way to
Puerto Vallarta

On our way to
Puerto Vallarta

Tarzan II ??

Waterfall in Eden


Nice way to shower together

Over we go!

Awsome view

Luis, Yanira & MC dancing

Say Cheese

Can I get a softer one?

He looks just like
my husband

Here kitty kitty kitty...


The Girls look'n good out!

I'm so hungry
I could eat a ...

Dining outside

Okay... everyone dance

Too hot for me

Cha cha cha

What a lovely couple

Marcos & Suki

Mike & Maricarmen

Luis & Yanira