Joaquin's Eagle Project

Joaquin has recently earned the LIFE Scout rank. He's now working on his final rank of Eagle and some of the toughest requirements yet. He is half way there and doing a great job.


The Project

Joaquin has selected to help out Santa Cruz Church in Tijuana where he has been attending for the past year and half. They have a need to replace the small elementary school style desks used for their class room. Many of the desks are too small, broken and just not functional. His Scout Eagle project is to build (from scratch) 16 new desks and acquire proper chairs too.

Below are a few photos of how it looks today. Click on the photo for a larger image. His budget for the project is estimated at $900. The entire amount will be acquired through fundraising and donations. He started the project in Dec 2009 and expects to complete it by March 2010.

Before Photos







































Here's a photo of the church, Santa Cruz


Building of the prototype desks

Joaquin, with assistance from his brother Nelson, built the initial prototype desk over the weekend of 02/06/2010.

The table was created from scratch using modified schematics from a web site. The table dimensions are 48" wide x 24" deep and 30" tall.







































































Here's the table all together waiting for the glue to dry. Next is the sanding, staining and finish rub.












Here's where I share the rough proto type with our priest. He seems to really like it and can't wait for the finished desks.












As part of my project, I also provided 26 padded chairs. They're the blue ones along the wall.


Building of the Tables

Okay -- It's D-Day. Time to make the desks and get down to business. The plan is to complete all of the work in two days. We have volunteer scouts who have agreed to donate their weekend to help me accomplish the task.


This is the early crew who showed up at 8:00 AM

Nelson giving a thorough briefing on tool safety.

The crew getting cutting and setup instructions.

Everything is cut and ready for assembly

The Cuban brothers at the table saw.


Both are Eagle Scouts!


Wood putty to fill in those pesky holes and dents

Scoutmaster Paul is nailing the table tops to ensure they are secure.

The team after a long day of work.


Joaquin and Edgar setting a few nails that need to be fixed.

Day Two:

Sanding and staining.

Here's Mike adding a bit of extra stability to some of the legs.


Details, details, details.

We have to get it right!


As the sanded tables were finished, they moved into the back yard for staining.


Feeding the crew with Carnitas, fresh guacamole and warm tortillas.





Staining. Captain -- We need more stain.


Photo Shoot!


Everything finished and the tables are air drying.


The boys are in the background playing with a soccer ball.


Joaquin setting up the tables and chairs at the church.


Project Complete.

A proud Scout showing off his work.


Special thanks to everyone for their hard work and donations to make this a successful project.


Joaquin Gonzalez


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