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2009 Camporee Event

A handful of the members of Troop 2001 ventured off to the 2009 International Camporee held in Ensenada, Mexico. The event was held over Labor Day weekend (09/04, 09/05 & 09/06) and proved to be a fun filled and exciting trip for both the scouts and leaders.

The event started Friday afternoon right after school. The travel to the campsite (140 km) took a bit longer than expected. The border crossing was heavy and considering it was a long holiday weekend, everything actually went well.

The Team

The group was led by Amy Benbrook and Mike & Maricarmen Corum. Scouts included;

- Joaquin
- Connor
- Max
- Mariano
- Jorge

US Scouting vs Mexico Scouting

The camporee was well organized. I'd estimate there to be roughly 200-250 participants. Thank goodness that Maricarmen speaks spanish to help us get through some of the tougher conversations. I should add that most of our boys spoke or understood spanish. One of the differences between US and Mexico scouting is that in Mexico, the scout troops (called Groups) are mixed with boys and girls. They seem to be well integrated and organized and their system works. At this camporee, we had participation from a younger group of Cub scouts, lots of Scouts and many of the activities were managed by Ventures (in the 18+ age group). It was interesting to watch the interaction with our scouts who typically do the just boy stuff when camping here in the U.S. but for this campout-- things were a bit different with girls present.

Another thing we found interesting is that all of the scouts were on one side of the camp and the adults were on the other. We elected to do the US version and stay together with our scouts.

I was very impressed with the Mexican scouts who are early risers and as part of their morning routine they performed group stretching, exercises and a half mile run all before breakfast was started. They knew how to pack light and kept their camp sites clean and orderly.

Oh. . . I almost forgot, we met Troop 246 from Pacific Beach. Since they were a small group too, we joing up forces for many of the activities on Saturday.

Activities & Fun

Friday, Sept 4th:

Since we arrived after dark, most of the evening was spent unloading equipment and getting camp set up. The scouts were able to get their tents up and have enough time to put up the gateway including the U.S. and troop flags which topped our gateway. Other portions of the evening were spent in leader meetings regarding activity plans for the next couple of days.

Saturday, Sept 5th:

This was a full day of fun at two locations. The first stop was a small water cove where the guys honed their skills at raft building, swam and play in the water. Over on the beach side were an array of games against other scout groups. Our scouts participated in;

- Flag Signal de-coding
- Fill-the-Bucket (water game)
- Sand Castle building
- Water Race Scoop & Around the Hoop

After dinner the scouts enjoyed a Mexican Fiesta & games for several hours. The scouts enjoyed lots of food and activities such as;

- Super Jenga (made from 2x4's)
- Dress Up & Photo Shoot
- Toss the coin on a spring board
- Mexican Bingo
- Pin the tail on the donkey
- Ring Toss

Sunday, Sept 6th:

The day of competition - "The Triathlon".

Mariano started out our team relay with a 400 meter swim. He did a great job in keeping up with the pack and arrived back at shore in 10th place.

Joaquin was next up in the 3-km run. His efforts got the team moved up a few notches from 10th place into 4th place.

Max and Connor finished up the triathlon by teaming up together in the Kayak 5 Nautical km race. The guys moved us up from 4th place to our final honors of 2nd place. Congraulations guys. You guys did a awesome and made us proud!

On the trip back to the U.S., we made a quick stop to La Bufadora (a natural ocean blow hole that shoots water up to 80' every minute). Since we were only about 20-25 minutes away, it was an easy choice.

The 2010 International Camporee will be held right here in San Diego in May. We hope to meet up again with our new friends from the other side of the border.

Here's a couple of videos uploaded to YouTube from the event. Don't forget to check out our many photo shots too.

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