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 The port stops

We'll spend an incredible eight days cruising the Mexican Riviera aboard the Carnival Spirit. See below for some inside info on the ports we visit.

Our departure is out of San Diego and heads off to it's first stop.. Acapulco, one of Mexico's hot spots for dining, dancing and great night life.




Acapulco, which is virtually synonymous with luxury, is a place where the rich and famous come to escape. Take the scenic highway for a striking panoramic view of the beaches and mountains, and note the beautiful homes and lush gardens as you pass through Las Brisas. And make sure you take time to see the thrilling cliff divers plunge into the turbulent waters of Le Quebrada.



Although Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo are right next to each other, they couldn't be more different. Ixtapa is a lively, modern infrastructure comprised of luxury resorts and residential areas residing on beautiful beaches along the Pacific coast. A photo stop at Playa Quieta, where you will be able to view the magnificent island of Ixtapa, is a must. Zihuatanejo, an Indian word meaning "river of the yellow water". This small town will provide you with some of the most breathtaking sights, including the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains as a backdrop.



Highly praised for its diverse dive sites and exciting sportfishing, Manzanillo, Mexico, is a resort town of wide, soft-sand beaches and groves of palm trees. With its balmy weather, year-round ocean breezes and verdant mountains rising along the shoreline, this is a perfect spot for vacationers looking to relax by taking in a round of golf, doing some deep-sea fishing or just basking in the warmth of a sun-kissed beach.