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 The Vacation Goal

One big all out family vacation

"As we look back and remember the good times from our past, we’re reminded of precious moments together with good friends and family".

We wanted to create a long and lasting moment for all of us to enjoy and remember for many years to come. What a better way than to get family members together on a cruise ship for relaxing, fun, adventure for the whole family. A vacation of all vacations !

We elected to head out to the Mexican Riviera aboard the Carnival ship the "Spirit" for 8 days of togetherness.

This web site is mainly intended to be a place to keep our photos and information about the activities on and off the ship during our trip.







March 1st, (Tue)

Depart San Diego


4:00 PM

March 2nd (Wed)

 --- Fun day at Sea ---



March 3rd (Thur)

 --- Fun day at Sea ---



March 4th (Fri)

Acapulco (Arrive)

1:00 PM


March 5th (Sat)

Acapulco (Depart)


2:00 AM

March 5th (Sat)


9:00 AM

6:00 PM

March 6th (Sun)


7:00 AM

6:00 PM

March 7th (Mon)

 --- Fun day at Sea ---



March 8th (Tue)

 --- Fun day at Sea ---



March 9th (Wed)

Arrive San Diego

7:00 AM



Cruise line:
Carnival Cruise Lines (http://www.carnival.com)
Cruise ship:
Carnival Spirit (Len: 963 ft - Guests: 2124)
Sail date:
4:00 PM on Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Return date:
7:00 AM on Wednesday, March 08, 2005
Travel locations:
San Diego, CA, Acapulco, Mexico, Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa Mexico, Manzanillo, Mexico

Pre-Boarding Check-In

Fun-Pass / Quick boarding: Go to www.carnival.com/mycruise  and complete
the Fun-Pass/Quick boarding information.  You should also complete the form that is included with your tickets.

Sail & Sign Account info:  Complete the Sail & Sign Account information. This is necessary so items purchased on board can be charged to you. Note that a 15% charge accompanies all beverage charges.  Also, Carnival will automatically charge the Sail & Sign account for a “Gratuity Payment” of $10 per guest for dining and state room service.  Each room will need to have at least one credit card on file (Visa, Amex).  Keep in mind that they will place a hold on your credit card ($100-350).  This may reduce your available credit for shore activities.

 What’s not included (or chargable to your Sail & Sign account):
Drinks, soda, Spa, Casino, Internet Café, Supper Club, Gift shop, etc

 Luggage Tags:  Each person has 3 Carnival luggage tags.  Please use these on your checked and carry-on baggage.

 Travel Arrangements on the day of and after the cruise: 

Suggestions for getting to and from the port of San Diego

Trolly,  Cab, Friend drop-off?

Cabin Assignments: 

√ Joe & Melinda                                   √ Scott & Robyn
√ Mike & Maricarmen                             √ Shawn & Shannon
√ Carmen, Martha & Joaquin

Activities while on ship:

 Dining Reservations:

 Breakfast  _______             Lunch _________               Dinner____ (8:00/8:30)



Each night, the staff will deliver the ships newspaper (“Carnival Caper”) that describes the next days events and shore activities.  This would be a good topic for breakfast to discuss the days plans for everyone. Some of the standard items include;

  Vegas Show          Casino                Deck Games          Swimming
  Dancing               Spa / Fitness        Movie                  Bingo


Special Activities together:

  Late night Ice Cream Social                  Supper Club ($$)

_________________________              _________________________

_________________________              _________________________


Activities to do while on shore




ACAPULCO, MEXICO   (1:00 PM -to- 2AM)


Kayaking                       Snorkeling                     White water rafting        

Scenic Jeep Ride             Bus Tour                       Shopping            

Site Seeing                    Cliff Divers                     Night Life/Dancing


_________________________              _________________________


_________________________              _________________________









Snorkeling                     Turtle Experience            Jungle Horse riding

Dolphin encounter           Walking Tours                Site Seeing 

_________________________              _________________________ 

_________________________              _________________________


MANZANILLO, MEXICO (7:00 AM –to- 6:00 PM)

           Snorkeling                     Shopping                       White Beaches/Swim

           Volcano Tours

_________________________              _________________________ 

_________________________              _________________________